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Deep Insights into Programming Languages

· 2 min read

In this chapter, we will share with you some of the top programming language repos (PL repos) on GitHub in 2021 measured by different metrics including the number of stars, PRs, contributors, countries, regions and so on.


  1. You can move your cursor onto any of the repository bars/lines on the chart and get the exact number.
  2. The SQL commands above each chart are what we use on TiDB Cloud to get the analytical results. Try those SQL commands by yourselves on TiDB Cloud with this 10-minute tutorial.

Star history of top PL repos since 2011

Top 10 most starred PL repos in 2021

Top 10 PL repos with the most PRs in 2021

Top 20 developers contributed the most PRs to PL repos in 2021

Top 9 PL repos with the highest YoY growth rate of stars in 2021

Top 10 PL repos with the lowest YoY growth rate of stars in 2021

Top 20 companies contributing the most to PL repos in 2021

Top countries or regions contributing to OSS programming languages

The rankings of PL repos measured by Z-score in 2021

The analytical results displayed above are generated based on just one single metric of these three: stars, PRs, or contributors. Now, we will use the Z-score method to rank PL repos on GitHub.

This is the comprehensive ranking calculated by z-score: